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Fairytales for Grown-ups: The Magician's Apprentice - Live Stream

Online streamed event
Storyteller with top hat

The Crick Crack Club presents The Magician's Apprentice, performance storytelling with Sally Pomme Clayton, live streamed from The Woodshed Theatre at The Story Museum

When she was nine, Sally Pomme Clayton paid 50p for a ticket to a magic show and ended up on the stage. Now with a top hat from a junk shop and mail-order wand, she enters the secret world of the magician once again, in search of real magic.

In this slight-of-hand world, objects talk, girls become doves, smoke and mirrors are the greatest tricksters, and the magician goes mad! Laced with humour, horror, romance, and rumour, join Pomme on a fairytale quest to discover what's real, what's illusion, who's the apprentice and who's teacher?

Intimate and enchanting, come and revel in fragments of myth, antique jokes, dazzling fairytales, snippets of science, and the dark mystery of the Tarot.

CONTENT: This performance contains descriptions of mutilation, death and dismemberment contextualised within a paradigm of mythic narrative, archetype and metaphor.

100 minutes with 15 minute interval

For adults (ages 14+)

Live stream tickets also include a separate link that will be emailed out after the performance giving access to a recording for 1 week afterwards

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