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Fairytales for Grown-ups: And Other Wonders - Livestream

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The Crick Crack Club presents Fairytales for Grown-ups - And Other Wonders performed by Sarah Liisa Wilkinson. Live stream from The Story Museum's Woodshed Theatre.

Once upon a time there were three sisters, and three brothers, and a mortal king, and a tree of gold, a fruit of life, a mountain of glass, a witch in the woods with a knife, and a daughter, a slaughter and a sacrifice, a shared myth, a curse, a tragic truth, another world beyond a wall, the devil himself, and other wonders...

Fall into the surreal, enchanting, and hallucinatory world of three wonder tales told by Sarah Liisa Wilkinson. We promise to return you in one piece…unless you choose to stay.

Suitable for adults 14+

Runing time: 100mins

CONTENT: This performance contains descriptions of sex, threat, and death contextualised within a paradigm of mythic narrative, archetype and metaphor.

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Click here for in-person tickets at The Story Museum in Oxford.