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Schools & Groups

Spellbound Schools

Become a Spellbound School!

The Spellbound Schools project is a heavily subsidised literacy, PSHE and creative learning programme for primary schools in Oxfordshire. Run by the Story Museum, it is an annual programme offering a range of embedded and sustained story-based opportunities for students, staff, parents and carers, families and the school community both at their school and at the Story Museum. It also offers an in-depth CPD training programme for teachers through The Story Exchange project, exploring the impact of oral storytelling on social and emotional literacy.

Spellbound Schools will be offered provision for the whole school community to enjoy; they will also choose a focus year group to benefit from more intensive targeted work and two teachers will engage in an indepth, sustained, practice-based oral storytelling CPD programme.

The closing date for applications for 2023-24 is 12 June 2023. To find out more about the Spellbound Schools project, including the benefits and how to apply, please download the Information Pack and Application Form below.

Two students in the Narnia story installation
  • 2023 Spellbound School Information PDF (1.897 MB)
  • Spellbound Schools Application Form 23 24 DOCX (68.535 KB)