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Our Approach to Learning

Our Learning sessions unleash students’ creativity and critical thinking skills and through this, develop their literacy and wellbeing.

Learning and Participation sessions at The Story Museum are guided by the following principles:

Start with a story
Every session is based around stories from The Story Museum’s 1001 Story Collection and beyond, curated to represent stories in all forms from a vast range of cultures and traditions. Through exposure to new stories, students build cultural capital, knowledge of narrative structure, classic story tropes and rich vocabulary.

Stories are selected to resonate with every participant. We don’t assume prior knowledge of any story. We concentrate on human themes and emotions, and create familiarity and accessibility through our retellings whilst being faithful to socio-historical context.

Our sessions are multisensory and experiential, allowing participants to enter different story worlds through both the physical environment and their imaginations. Objects are used as a stimuli for story making, using free association and metaphor, while drama techniques aid story world building.

Seriously playful and collaborative
Interaction, discovery and play form the heart of the sessions, such as through groupwork, discussion, riddle-time and imaginative play. We take play seriously, knowing that through play, participants are building skills for life social skills, critical thinking skills, creativity and self-discipline.

Empowering through oracy
Sessions place emphasis on speaking and listening, presentation skills and discussion. Our structured storytelling activities allow participants to become brave and resourceful, building their confidence through the articulation of ideas.

Inclusive and accessible
We adapt our sessions to suit the needs of all learners. We offer opportunities for all students to engage with stories and the sessions have open-ended outcomes.

A session from The Story Museum opens doors. Every participant works on an idea for a story of their own, encounters a story they would like to engage with further, or a new art form or interest to pursue.

“For that half hour story, we were completely transported. Even students who cannot usually concentrate for that long were spellbound!” - Teacher, June 2019