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Collections & Story Resources


The Story Museum is inviting you on a journey to explore new and exciting ways of discovering traditional tales through an interactive online experience.

In order to play The Hidden Woods please first click the full screen button at the bottom right hand corner of the window below. We strongly recommend playing The Hidden Woods via a broadband connection rather than using mobile data.

Please be patient while the game downloads - depending on the speed of your connection this may take a couple of minutes.

Once you have completed the game please CLICK HERE to fill out a short 5 minute feedback form for the chance to win a FREE family ticket to The Story Museum.


The Hidden Woods is an innovative pilot project which places the user in the centre of a long-forgotten woods, tasking them with bringing life and colour back to the landscape by revealing the stories that are waiting to be told, just out of reach.

Designed as a companion to The Story Museum’s real life Whispering Wood exhibition, we’re looking for digital travellers to take a wander through the woods and lose themselves in stories. Once you’ve completed your journey, we’ll ask you to provide feedback on your experience, allowing us to create new and exciting digital experiences for future visitors and users.

High res rabbit


The Hidden Woods is an online game that can be played within your browser. The experience takes around 20 minutes to complete and is followed by a short optional feedback form. The game is accessible from any web browser and is available to play via the portal above. We strongly recommend playing The Hidden Woods via a broadband connection rather than using mobile data.

Anna playing gane


Game designers: BRiGHTBLACK
Creative Director: Daniel Clark
Producer: Ameneh Enayat
Executive Producer for The Space: Harmeet Chagger-Khan
Music: Daniel Marcus Clark

A Drop of Honey told by Peter Chand
Man Crow told by Jan Blake
King Midas told by Hugh Lupton

Yellow Submarine Game co-designers:

Andy Lin, Antony Tsui , Carmen Parker , Danny Smith, Jennifer Tyler, John Lougher, Steph Measor, Tom Crombie, Jack Hudson, Steven Thompson, Gergo Zakonyi, James Sleight, Josh Fraser, Tom Ayre, Paul Dalby, Thomas Williamson, Deborah Galea, Beth Simpson, Amy Simpson, Sarah Magill, Blanche Illingworth, Katie Crichton Miller, Karen Coney, Ali Henley

The Hidden Woods is supported by The Space and Arts Council England with funding from the National Lottery.

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