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Collections & Story Resources

About Our Collection

A selection of antique child's dolls.

What We Collect

The Story Museum is developing collections that will both engage young audiences with story in its many forms and tell the history of stories for children through time. We hold a collection of objects relating to the stories in the 1001, which will help visitors, particularly young visitors, to engage with the stories and deepen their experience of story.

Children's toys in a display case.

Our collection includes objects that:

  • have been created in response to the story (examples include the model of the fighting dragons from The Two Dragons story found in The Mabinogion)
  • have a particular significance to the creator (examples include the items from Richard Adam’s study)
  • have a connection to the story or the development of the story (examples include The Owl Service plate which inspired Alan Garner to write the novel)
  • reveal an aspect of the author’s life and influences
  • reveal the story’s impact on its readers and the wider world (examples include the Harry Potter relay book with annotations from children from 25 schools)

Our collection includes: Books, illustrations, photographs, comics, toys and games, costume, film props, and ceramics.

Most of our collection is on display in our galleries. Should a member of the public wish to gain access to an object that is not currently on display, they can request an appointment with our Collections Manager who will arrange for them to see the object.