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We look forward to welcoming you and your family this summer! Find out more

About Us

What We Do

Through immersive exhibitions and gallery spaces, events and outreach work, we celebrate stories in all forms and explore their enduring power to teach and delight.

Man looking into a peephole

Share great stories in great ways with our visitors

Through our imaginative exhibitions and exciting programme of performances, events, workshops, clubs and skills-building courses, we engage people of all ages in great stories. Our activities are interactive, multi-sensory and designed to encourage parents, carers and children to spend time together enjoying stories in many different ways. See What’s On.

Two young children looking into a museum display

Offer fun, engaging and effective workshops for schools

Our schools workshops are based on many years of experience in engaging children with learning and literacy. Half and full-day workshops are led by teaching professionals, delivering curriculum-based and enriching activities that immerse participants in language, stories and ideas. Learn more about our schools offer.

A woman dressed as the White Rabbit jumping with lots of girls dressed as Alice following

Alice's Day

Each year on the first Saturday of July, The Story Museum coordinates a city-wide festival celebrating Alice in Wonderland. This family festival involves organisations across the city from museums and galleries to shops and community groups, all putting together a programme of events and activities, most of which are free.

Click here to find out more.

Create impactful projects with community partners

Stories are a brilliant way of bringing people together, sharing experiences and nurturing skills. We work with selected schools and community partners to bring about positive change for groups and individuals. Read more about our projects and partnerships.

Visiting The Story Museum over the weeks was a fantastic experience for the young people. Seeing them be passionate about story telling, drama or just listening to a story being read to them was amazing, it was like they had the chance to become young children again and have fun which is something that is lacking from their lives.

Youth Worker, Rose Hill Community Centre

Research, collect and share 1001 Stories

We’re collecting 1001 of the world’s greatest stories: from different times and places, and in different forms. This means gathering versions of each story as well as objects that relate to them and their creators. We consult widely with audiences and experts to select stories that are memorable and enjoyable. We research them and find new ways of bringing them to life. Our Collection is dynamic, evolving each year to reflect changing tastes and capture new stories as well as re-discovered classics. Find out whether your favourite story is in the Collection.

“There's always room for a story that can transport people to another place.”

J.K. Rowling

Museum Of The Year 2022 Small finalist
Kids In Museums Family Friendly Museum Award logo 2022 shortlisted
Museums Heritage Awards 2022 SHORTLISTEE
Winner RIBA 2022 South
Civic Trust Awards 2021 Regional Finalist
Little Ankle Biters Award Winner 2021 Oxfordshire
Winner Red Kited Days Museum Award 2023

Annual Review

  • Story Museum Annual Report and Accounts 2022 2023 PDF (12.331 MB)
  • Story Museum Annual Report and Accounts 2021/2022 PDF (1.657 MB)
  • Story Museum Annual Report and Accounts 2020/2021 PDF (1.781 MB)
  • Story Museum Annual Report and Accounts 2019/2020 PDF (2.448 MB)
  • Story Museum Annual Report and Accounts 2018/2019 PDF (1.773 MB)
  • Story Museum Annual Report and Accounts 2017/2018 PDF (1.633 MB)
  • Story Museum Annual Report and Accounts 2016/2017 PDF (7.7 MB)
  • Story Museum Annual Report and Accounts 2015/2016 PDF (7.4 MB)
  • Story Museum Annual Report and Accounts 2014/2015 PDF (251.232 KB)
  • Story Museum Annual Report and Accounts 2013/2014 PDF (1.403 MB)
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