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Schools & Groups

Museum Visits

We offer a range of different packages for schools to inspire students with a love of stories.

Super Shakespeare Days - for two days only

To celebrate our reopening we're working with Brooklyn-based Shakespeare Hip Hop artist Devon Glover, aka The Sonnet Man. We're running workshops on Tuesday 10 March and Friday 13 March for six lucky classes - so book now to avoid disappointment! Enjoy an hour-long sonnet workshop, time to explore the new galleries and a half hour performance from The Sonnet Man. All for just £249.

Schools and groups are invited to explore the Museum galleries and then enjoy a 50-minute literacy session with a member of our Learning Team. Scroll down for session options and prices

Story Pictures (EYFS/Year 1)

Students spend time exploring our Small Worlds gallery and have stories on our big bed. They will act out their favourite picture books, from We’re Going on a Bear Hunt to Traction Man, and create their own scene from craft materials to take home.
: drama and craft

Story Play (EYFS/Year 1)

Students enter our Small Worlds gallery for stories on our big bed. They will create their own mini story landscapes and imagine the episodes that could unfold within their enchanting new world.
: speaking and listening presentation

Story Porridge (Years 1-2)

Students will explore the Whispering Wood where they will meet some traditional folk and fairy tales, before using the classic device of the Rule of 3 to create their own story.
: speaking and listening presentation

Story Power (Years 2-4)

Students look at the concept of powerful objects within stories, inspired by the Whispering Wood – from Thor’s hammer to Arthur’s sword in the stone. They then work in groups to concoct their own story about an object with a mysterious power.
: speaking and listening presentation, written draft if requested

Story Pranksters (Years 1-4)

Students explore the galleries and are introduced to stories that star the classic character of the Trickster, such as Anansi the Spider and the cunning Mr Fox, before creating their own.
: speaking and listening presentation, written draft if requested

Story Portals (Years 2-7)

Students revisit portals used in classic stories featured in the Enchanted Library, from the Rabbit Hole down into Wonderland to the Wardrobe through to Narnia. Students then create their own magical portal between two worlds, using a wealth of materials to stimulate the beginning of an enchanting story.
: speaking and listening presentation, written draft if requested

Story Sequels (Years 4-8)

Listen and join in with stories within an oral storytelling tradition of your choice, or printed stories featured in the galleries, and then create a sequel inspired by the character, setting, theme or plot structure, with a modern twist if you wish. For your choice of oral story, ask for a list of stories featured in the Whispering Wood, or printed books featured in the Enchanted Library (please request from
: speaking and listening presentation, written draft if requested

Museum Maker (Years 5-13)

Explore The Story Museum’s approach to curating narrative environments, and then design an evocative room based on close-reading a section from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Subtle Knife or your own class set text. Past bespoke sessions have included Michelle Magorian’s Goodnight Mr Tom, R.L. Stevenson’s Treasure Island, Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.
: speaking and listening presentation; illustrated and annotated design using quotations

"I wish it was quarter past two, not quarter past three!" Student

As an alternative to a formal literacy session why not enjoy a literary-themed interactive walk around Oxford followed by a chance to explore the Museum galleries. Available sessions include:

Out and About – City Story Walks

Take a story-themed walk through Oxford to see the places in the city that inspired the city’s most famous fantasy writers. Our Learning team will lead your group to iconic sites from some of fiction’s greatest moments.

Alice Story Walk (Years 1-2)

Come on a walk through the story of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. We’ll begin at The Story Museum, then walk along to Christ Church Meadows, the location of many sites that inspired Lewis Carroll. As your Story Guide retells the story, we’ll have a Caucus Race, a Caterpillar Contest, a game of ‘Red Queen Says’, and fun with songs, riddles and charades along the way.

Wonder Walk (Years 2-13)

From the Narnia lamppost and Alice’s gate to a beautiful garden with no key, to Lyra’s room leading to the spires and rooftops of Oxford... the Wonder Walk route features stunning locations including the Radcliffe Camera and Christ Church, with a few dragons along the way! Choose three authors from C.S. Lewis (the Narnia series), J.R.R. Tolkien (The Hobbit), Lewis Carroll (Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland) and Philip Pullman (Northern Lights trilogy). Throughout the walk your students will learn key facts about the writers’ lives and how simply observing the world can lead to ideas for classic fiction. The students will also play the stories through a variety of multi-sensory games and storytelling.

Day of Delight

Spend the whole day in Oxford and combine a Museum visit, a 50-minute literacy session and one of our story-themed walks around Oxford.


Exhibition visit and Story Session at The Story Museum
10:00 – 12:00 or 12:30 – 14:30
£175 + VAT

Exhibition visit and City Story Walk around Oxford
10:00 – 12:00 or 12:30 – 14:30
£175 + VAT

Day of Delight
Exhibition visit and Story Session at The Story Museum and a City Story Walk around Oxford
10:00 – 14:30 (includes a 30 minute lunch break)
£275 + VAT

Download the Schools Leaflet

  • School Sessions Information Pack 2020 PDF (715.082 kB)